Introducing now in Argentina, Pousadoiro, a white wine with D.O. Ribeiro (Spain). A wine "de autor" where the quality is the main concern, together with an handmade elaboration in a winery of great winemaking family tradition whose knowledges has been passing by generations.

  • Wines from Spain, Chile and Argentina in the tables of Australia

    18/07/2012 - Efeagro

    Wines from Spain, Chile and Argentina in the tables of Australia

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  • Spain buys 4.5 million liters of Argentine wine in the first quarter

    11/06/2012 -

    Spain has bought 4.506 million liters of wine in Argentina in the early months of the year, representing an increase of 5978.5%, these data are due to the purchase of bulk wine

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  • Spanish Wines haunt Argentinian Market

    05/05/2012 -

    Wines from Spain, in the first two months of wine imports from Brazil increased by 34.4% over the same period of 2011. Spain is a country that has increased its trade with Brazil. In particular, imports of wine from that country grew in two months, a 152.5%.

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  • Resurface of Old World wines


    The latest report from Rabobank called "Trends and outlook for the international market" (market trends and international panorama), indicates that one of the highlights of the analysis of the international wine market, is back to the arena of the Old World countries, who have had significant increases in their exports in 2011.

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  • Argentina and Chile: Competition fierce for Spanish wines

    22/03/2012 - routers

    Demand for Argentine and Chilean wines in the Chinese market

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